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Talk about Sonic characters
OK since there wasn't a thread im going to make one this is where you can just talk about anything sonic
Shadow is so cool even though some people try and hate and say he is only fast caz of his skates it dosent matter he is still awesome
I think he is cool but i think sonic is cooler Big Grin
I think that Amy Rose is hot and she is really strong.
Sonic is the BEST. He is the blue blur and he will beat anybody.Shadow is all right but sonic will still beat him no problem. HE is the strongest.
i aggree sonic is the very very [size=small][color=blue]Best
I also agree because Sonic never walks away from a spped challenge and If he was real I would even be honored to face him in a nice friendly race.
I think that the idea of another hedgehog (shadow) was a great idea on the part of the sonic creators but shadow is a pretty close match but sonic would definitely win
Its true that Sonic is the best but when it comes to Amy Rose the only thing Sonic does is flee and when I finally complete my Sonic battle card deck I'll give it a go by challenging Sonic but how many Sonic battle cards do I surposed to have in a Sonic Battle card duel.
If you had an obsessed girl (who is usually very ecstatic to see him) with a hammer chasing you would you run????
I run from nobody but I will plan a way to make sure that Amy Rose finally gets Sonic so she can go for what she dreams.
And that would be??? Have offspring of a pink and blue family
My favorite character is Shadow (obviously), he's so cool! My 2nd and 3rd faves are Knux and Tikal.
No way but I will help her get to Sonic by using what I know about him and it would be a pleasure to help out even if I have to race Sonic in a Chilli Dog munch off.
haha the best bet i'd say would be to have a chilli dog stand then when he is eating it have amy sneak up on him.
The best way to do that and have Sonic willing to is to tell Sonic he'll get a chili dog if he chains himself to Amy's wall.
i think sonic would break out of something so simple.
I guess he would. Sonic+Chains+Amy=Chains Breaking
how many of yous like sonic?
lets see Uh sonicforum+people=everyone

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