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Spiderman 3
Anyone see it yet? I haven't had a chance yet, but on IMBD it has the worst rating of all 3 Spidey movies and it sports only a 61% positive review rating at
1.Character Development
-Unlike the first 2 movies, we have no idea for understanding why The Sandman or Brock are angry and bad. So, Flint, stole to get money to save his baby girl. What motivated him to steal the money? Why was Brock an arogant jerk with the need to cheat his way to the top? And since when did Peter need the admiration of the fans? Didn't we learn from the first 2 movies that he became Spider-Man mostly for his love for Mary Jane?
2. Too Many Bad Guys
- Having 2.5 villians was too much. We didn't really need Sandman to show Peter how to forgive. It was all a little too "Batman".
3. Not Enough Real Story
-The first 2 had a great balance of CGI, action, and true drama. This movie just didn't have it.
I love all Spider man series movies and I think there is no reason to hate the third because it has the most action, its my favorite one and it ends sad but still amazing!!!

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