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Why do like to use facebook?
Why do like to use facebook?
I like to use facebook because it is good platform
it helps to get traffic to my site....
it's very entertaining platform i loved to played games and chat on it..
I like to play games on facebook
it is my favorite social networking site..........
Because it is one of the best Social networking site.
It is use at a wide area in the world...
I am using facebook to connect with friends and i really enjoy using it and sharing my memorable moments with friends
I dont like to use facebook in social networking media Twitter is best and superb
I use facebook because my most of the friends are using facebook thats why I using facebook to meet my friend and chating with my friends.
I use facebook to stay connected with my lot of friends and share past memories with my past friends which are gone abroad.
I m using facebook because its too easy to use. Its chat service is unique as comapre to twitter
I am like using facebook because we all family meet on this website.There have many awesome games here.
When I'm bored i use Facebook it's very good for time passing and entertainment purpose.
I like to use face book to stay connected with my friends of different parts of life .
I like to use facebook because it is great platform for fun and entertainment purpose.
I like Facebook because it connect me
with my friends and with help of
Facebook we can share the things
what we want.
I m not usng facebook at al. Its never been in my most favorite social networking website list
It is good for time passing and fun and entertainment purpose that's why i loved to use it.
I also use FB to stay in touch with some people. I update my status every now and then but I try not to be annoying. ^^
because all of my friends are in it and it is easy to use and mast popular also.
I like Facebook, Because through it i found many my old friend. You can save your Picture Album there and share with your friend people give entertaining comment on it when you read it you really enjoy.

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