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Hi friends
Hey, I'm harajukuboi631/nightangel206/mars/whateverelseyawannacallme
So yeah, things have changed a lot since I left, I am currently in England for a foriegn exchange programme and have been here for 2 weeks so far. I'm super sorry I forgot about y'all. Well how's everyone been?
Fine...wait did tails tip you off or you found some sorta weird add that i managed to place on three sites?
Oh... hi... I've been an a**h**e to you, haven't I?
To Whom And What?
To harajukuboi631/nightangel206/mars/shadouangel, and... what do you mean by "what"?
....who did it i wanna know......
you said i can do it
btw im not finished XD
...Im Kinda Sad.....Thank Kira It Aint Yours
wat do you mean not yours?
and i can make that sig better if you want me to
Nah I Liked That I Finally Got The Nanatsu Strike Attack Done
i meant the f.x.s
No thank you
Hi! I'm 29 years old and I really need some help. I'm trying for the zillionth time to get healthy! I'm a serious snacker, and I'm super busy, so I don't have too much time to exercise. I have done weight watchers before (it was miserable! I was hungry for 6 months!) and it worked, but I gained it right back.I'm a violinist, and I love to cycle. I only run when I'm being chased, and I love my Wii Fit, though sometimes I wonder if that really counts as exercise!


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