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MegaMan Project X

guide X to bass and defeat him.


Shoot: Space (hold to do a charged shot!)
Jump: up key
dash:end key

(custimize your controls in game)

I have played Demo of this game and i really enjoyed it,
I heard that Mega Man series going rocking in this year one by one.
They recently posted a game trailer of another Megaman game that is going to be released on xbox live this fall. It gives you the option of playing 3 different megaman characters,and is rumored to have Ryu as a playable character. I really can't wait to play this game because I have always enjoyed the Megaman series.
This is a really excellent game. I played it. My goal was to reproduce with Project X the game play of the first three X games as closely as possible, and even add new and exciting things in my version. One of the biggest additions is a simultaneous two player mode.
I think I shall be opting for the Mega man in this game. Sonic's big feet and lack of clothes just look weird to me.
Still, I supose he should be good at the running events ...going down the back straight, opening his legs and showing his class.
Mega man sunshine has awesome music, and great lighting. Both are excellent games with awesome level design.

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