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testing games i made
Learn more about this project
click green flag to begin and click picture to start
move with mouse and jump by clicking it
post your score (mephiles per second)
Learn more about this project
guide sonic to attack the others
Nice work light! i dont use scratch anymore cause i dident get one thing about it! D:
Wow, you are pretty good with Scratch! Unfortunately, all the work for my game was on my lap top witch was destroyed, so I won't have it out until sometime in summer. (P.S. I beat the first game in 99 seconds, and got one coin per second)
Hi optic,
These are some very good games. I must say that it is a very good effort that you have put in to make this game. Thanks for sharing this information about this games here. Keep up the good work going. Looking forward for more of such games. 

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