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Sega Superstar Tennis
check out this video here!
I have gone through your link. I think Sega Superstar Tennis is looking awesome in the video. I am looking for the next series of the sega superstar. Hope it comes soon as possible.
Hey your posted youtube link was removed from youtube.but I see it. game look very cool nice effect and the camera work was very nice.
I have played it and It's the same thing as Mario Tennis but with Sonic What's the point. Does every game company just want to copy off each other. I'm sure it's a good game but it's a good game that we have had since the N64.
I visit Your Given Link I feel Very Happy When I see Sega Superstar Tennis.It looks very Pretty then the other.Nice animation is done by you.My Favorite color is also Blue so It looks So attractive.
Well nice stuff. I like this game. All the animation of the character is really very good and also pretty nice. This Game impact that SEGA is still implement in the 3d effect as well as graphics also.
Its really superb and amazing work done that i ever found here
i love this very nice sharing

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