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Mobius Idol
but i still dont get how that would happen how the heck could he click on that and it would automaticly (Sorry if i misspelled) delete my post?
It didn't. What actually happens when you come across the confusing code is that you've accidentally entered their posting page (the one you go to when you click the new reply button), and because it's not your account, you get a bunch of code instead of an actual posting page. When you exit from the page withought putting anything in the code, it says you edited it and nothing shows up.
Thats weird
I vote for Tikal, she sang one of the greatest songs ever. Too bad Simon has to be such a jerk at her.
I really like that idol show and I would like to appreciate that thing. Actually if I was judge then the show looks great but still I like the creation. Next time you can make more then this is you can. At the end My vote goes to sonic and secondly amy.
Who is the 2010 American Idol ???

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