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Age of War
Try this game out! Click the link! You make an army and fight another persons army. You get money and XP for killing enemies. With XP, you can upgrade your fortress from medival times to futuristic ages! With money, you can buy powerups and soilders! Try it! It's fun!

Play Age of War

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Yes I have played this game and its really very fun playing it. I love all the Sonic games. Its has nice flashier graphics. Age Of War 2 is also nice playing game. Its basically just the first Age of War with some flashier graphics, a few new upgrades, and some new, but nothing special ages. I think its a great game ever.
I'm a big Fan of Age of War 1, and I can't wait for sequel. I heard that Age of War 2 will have more ages, more units, more features and Multiplayer. And that It will be done In about 1 month...
I like all the Game of Sonic.I play this Game in the last Vacation but still I like to play it.Its really Awesome are totally Different then the Other Game.
It was interesting for my strategy has always been to develop as fully as possible and then you get the best of the best units and towers to win the game. Great game again.
Nice game all the way, i am still playing this sometime, i also have good score on this game, Age of War is really favourable game.
I like to play this game. This game is really entertainment able. There are a number of different types of AI for games. For this type of game is something that can be quite good is the FSM that is, in essence, if these conditions exist, then do X, unless one of the conditions is that the current state of the entity.
Age of War is a game is very simple, again. You can build units to send a blind rush to the ground attack everyone else in their way, until his death. Then the device behind it continues to have, once again, until it dies. Entities that you can build moving in single file along the line of fire, until you reach one of two base units or attacking the other party and fights.
The game is very simple one. You can create unit send-off against his blind to each other all the way until they die base rushing. Then the unit continues to pursue a behind once again, until it died.

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