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Stick RPG
It was just too annoying trying to play it with such bad lengthing.
Well I have played this game for few hours and really dont like it too much. I am a little disappointed with this game.
Hi aarenlainey,
Really this game is the worst game I have ever played.
However this is not really a great game overall even by the standards of flash games. He has some interesting features, like bar and counter level, but it is monotonous and repetitive. Anyone with an attention span greater than a 12 year old gets bored easily, but hey, if your brother is sick Slimezone otherwise could well.
According to the statistics about the game is only a small increase in third party's objectives and areas to check a lot. When you start doing a lot of money, you can buy a new house to live, and can buy your house with new furniture items to help you in the game more.

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