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Super mario bros
This game is one of the best on the ds, the problem is, once you beat it, there's nothing left to do, which makes you sad.
This game brought back a lot of memories to the classic Super Mario games on the NES. It was basically the same but had revamped graphics and a few gameplay changes. My youngest son really enjoys playing this, and I hope they make a sequel to this game.
This game is really fun. The opening of the film through the first few levels, it is very fun and exciting. It is a bit the latest in the world of hard, but it's a good challenge. I think that going to play now!
This game is really nice to play. It is a parody implying guns and action. In this last version there is also some hardcore music making Mario Brother a bit more funny.
I found this game is enough interesting. Its graphics is new and wonderful. I like this type of challenging games very much. Its music is nice. The game is enough challenging and exciting. The last levels are challenging.
Super Mario sunshine has awesome music, and great lighting. Both are excellent games with awesome level design.

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