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Super Mario Sunshine 64
your right on the 4 level i keep on going through the ground
0/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i just dislike it
I find it fun up until level 4: Very, Very Tall Mountain-Scale the Mountain, I keep dieing there, but in extras there's a scene creator WHERE YOU ACTUALLY GET TO PLAY THE SCENES YOU MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/10

Edit: Okay, it's not very much. Not very mych at all. 4/10
Well I have played both the games Super mario sunshine and super mario 64 and I love both the games. Super Mario 64 was fun because mario was able to hurt enemies in a new way. Super Mario sunshine has awesome orchestrated music, and great lighting. Both are excellent games with awesome level design.
I prefere Super Mario 64 becuase FLUDD sucks i hate it and the way this one is set up is better i mean c'mon would you rather be on sum hot island having fun on your vacation swimming all day(lol) or trying to save the princess in the safety of your own home c'mon at least he can get a band-aid easily when he scraips his knee,well the setting is better ya know i really like the mushroom kingdom.
This is my favorite Game Cube titles only player to date. It is totally captivating from the beginning, and I can not rave enough about the strict controls. It just feels good. However, I am very disappointed with the holiday theme and the obduracy of Nintendo to pay attention to the presentation.
This Mario Bros game was pretty cool back in the days of the Nintendo 64. I was hoping that they would release a revamped version on the Wii, but I didn't see it the last time I was in Best Buy. Is there any plans to make it available to purchase online using Wii points?
I play Wind Waker again today, and is also a game that people generally seemed to hate. I think the problem is that both games are further defining the classical genre, both have taken a different direction than its predecessor, when people actually wanted Mario 64-2 and Ocarina of Time 2.
This game takes place in tropical Island Delfino where Mario, Toadsworth, and Princess Peach take a vacation. Remember Mario villain known as Shadow Mario vandalized graffiti all over the island and Mario should not blame the mess.
Game takes place in the tropical island of Delfino, including comedy, Toadsworth, and where Princess Peach is on vacation. Funny like a bad guy, "Shadow Mario," said, vandalizes and graffiti across the island, Mario want to mess.
Very well made Super Mario Brothers game, Sunshine 64 - platform mario game you will love.
I think I shall be opting for the Mario team in this game. Sonic's big feet and lack of clothes just look weird to me.

Still, I supose he should be good at the running events ...going down the back straight, opening his legs and showing his class.
Super Mario sunshine has awesome music, and great lighting. Both are excellent games with awesome level design.

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