Full Version: Your Favourite Sport?
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I love sports.i Like cricket,basket ball, F1 race football ,I think all sports.
But football is my fevorite.I am crazy about football.and my fevorite team is Manchester united.I love to see when Ronaldo or Backham are playing a football.
Which is your favorite sports?
I like cricket very much. I like to watch it also. I like to play it very much. I never miss to watch any match. I always play the match at the free days.
My favourite sport is Cricket. I am crazy about it.My favourite team is Australia and South Africa. My favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar from India. I like to see the Cricket match when the Sachin Tendulkar is play the Cricket.
Football is my favorite sport and it is mpost popular game in all over the world .I also watch the club leagues of different countries.
My Favorite sport is Hockey. I Loved to Played and watched this interesting Sports....
My Favorite sports is Golf... This sports is very interesting and my favorite Golf Player is Tiger wood.
My Favorite Sports is Cricket.Specially i liked it's T20 format which is all about fun and live Actions.
My favorite sport is rugby
it is very interesting play
Cricket is my all time favorite sports. i love to play it daily and i never feel tired while playing it
I Like Golf Sports... it's very interesting and good sports.. It's makes me fit and Perfect..!!
I'm Crazy about one sports that is Soccer..!!
My favorite sports is cricket and hockey. Both are very healthy and good sports.
My favorite sports is tennis.. it's very entertaining and healthy sports.
Cricket is my favorite game.
I like to play it......
i like to play sports in free time
my favorite sports is cricket
my favorite team is south africa
My favorite sport is cricket
it is best play,it is very famous play all over the world...
My favorite sports are
My favorite sports are follows:
1. Badminton
2. Tennis
My favorite sports are
My favorite sport is hockey
i like to play hockey with interest............
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